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Jared Hwang
jared.hwang (at) gmail (dot) com
Welcome! My name is Jared. I am a Master's in Computer Science student at the University of Southern California (USC). Prior to that, I received my Bachelor's from Tufts University where I studied Physics and Computer Science.

I'm interested in exploring and changing the ways we interact with data. With increasingly varied sources of data populating the world, and machine learning only growing more popular across all domains, efficient ways to store and process that data are more important than ever. I aim to be at the center of this development!

Take a look at my projects and achievements below.



Work Experience

Amazon Intern

Select Projects

Simulation Inference on Urban Traffic Simulations, USC

Good urban planning can have a massive impact on human health, climate change, and social equity. In this project, we wanted to show that inference techniques typically used to develop statistical models can also be applied to simulations developed for urban planning. We used Bayesian conditional density estimation on A/B Street, a traffic simulation tool, to measure correlations between the traffic light timings of a singular, high throughput intersection in the Seattle Montlake area on the trip times in the larger area. We found that shorter stage delays (time that certain lanes have the right to drive through) are correlated with higher traffic throughput, to a certain point, but that extensions to these delays still play an important role. For more details and references on the project, see the github page.

A/B Street
An example of the A/B Street simulation GUI. Traffic lane types, light timings, and others are changeable within the simulation.

Simulation Inference
The simulation inference pipeline.

2D/3D Ising Model Simulator, Tufts University

The Ising model is an example of a thermodynamic system, and it is particularly helpful for understanding phase transitions. In our case, we used it to understand the behavior of magnets under varying temperatures. We implemented an Ising Model simulator in two and three dimensions, and included tools to change temperature, size, etc. to observe the effect on magnet behavior. More information about the Ising Model can be read here.

2D Ising Simulation
2D Simulation run under the transition temperature. Note the steady magnetization.
3D Ising Simulation
3D Simulation run under the transition temperature. Note the steady magnetization.

Avocado Consumption Data Visualization, Tufts University

Using data sourced from the Hass Avocado Board, we created an interactive visualization showing avocado consumption and price data in 45 cities across the United States, allowing the user to compare different cities with each other and the national average. Also, since people are always telling us millennials that eating avocado toast is the reason we can't afford things like houses with lawns and cars, we added a calculator to let you see how much avocado toast you'd have to not eat to buy a house! Check out the visualization here.

Avocado Visualization .
Visualization displaying avocado consumption data. Check out the full vis here.

Tweetalyzer, Tufts University

Tweetalyzer was a website that would scrape tweets from a few celebrities, including Donald Trump and local celebrity Security Professor Ming Chow and generate fake tweets in their style. We developed the neural net using Python Keras, and the web API using Flask. Unfortunately, the code is deprecated so the website can't be run anymore, but the code can be found here.


"Programming Languages" Assistant, Prof. Norman Ramsey

Teaching assistant for COMP105 at Tufts University.

  • Hosted office hours regularly.
  • Held weekly recitation reviewing course material.
  • Graded homeworks and exams.

The syllabus for the course can be found here (may not be up at time of access).

"Machine Structure and Assembly Language Programming Teaching" Assistant
Profs. Noah Mendelsohn, Megan Monroe, Richard Townsend
2018 - 2019

Teaching assistant for COMP40 at Tufts University.

  • Hosted office hours regularly.
  • Graded design documents and exams.

The course website can be found here (may not be up at time of access).

Academic Resource Center Tutor
2017 - 2018

Served as a one-on-one tutor for Physics (Electricity and Magnetism), Math (Differential Equations), and Computer Science (Intro and Data Structures) at Tufts University. More info about the service can be seen here.

Leadership & Volunteer Work

Coordinator for the annual Tufts Hackathon: Polyhack
Oct 2019

  • Scheduled and coordinated seminars and events day-of, with team of other coordinators
  • Served as an on-call mentor that participants could request technical and domain-specific help from
  • Cooked some pancakes! Chocolate and banana.

Volunteer at the Higashi Kujo Children's Food Kitchen (東九条子ども食堂), Kyoto, Japan
Jan 2019 - May 2019

  • Helped prepare and serve food to members of the surrounding community
  • The crew
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Awards and Acknowledgements

  • N. Hobbs Knight Prize Scholarship recognizing "outstanding ability in theoretical and experimental physics" (Tufts, 2020)
  • Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society
  • summa cum laude (Tufts, 2020)
  • Governing Board Award for Most Improved Japanese (Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies, Doshisha University, 2019)

Other fun things